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Hook #1-4

Image by Martin Engel

Verse #1

Image by Edward Howell

Verse #2

Image by sebastiaan stam

Song Title: “Toxic”

Album: Single Release
Date of Release: December 15, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Hook #1, 2, 3, 4***


Why do you do this

When in the moment

Couldn’t see your behavior

Was toxic for me

Eternal optimist
I make the best of it

Couldn’t see your behavior

Was toxic for me


***Verse #1***


Bitch I’m worse than covid
Cuz I won’t just go away
I’ll wait for the day that you get married

Show up to your wedding just to say hey

Cuz I’m toxic as fuck and I don’t care

To ever quit being this way
Oh you think you know the game huh

Well come on let’s play
Just cuz you’re on all fours
Doesn’t mean you bring shit to the table

You’re always on your high horse so

Quit trying to act like your stable
No I’m not able to take your crap any more

So call me the shop keeper mother fucker
You’re about to see what I got in store
   Like you never make mistakes
Bitch why are you always tryna fix your face
Oh must be all the shit that you make up
Shit you wake up being fake
All my time that I gave you was a waste
And I’m glad that I parted ways with this nutcase
Cuz I’m done with the fighting and

I’m done with the heartaches

Our ways didn’t work and I probably made it worse
But you know I put in work all those damn days
I could see the change and I can’t wait
Stupid mother fucker who do you think put the
Wheels on this mother fucking rat race
And I won’t hesitate to slap that ass right back to the dark age

As you can see I create chapters and
That’s why we’re never on the same page


***Verse #2***


So you walk on eggshells well how about you try to walk on water
Cuz every time I get that sinking feeling someone ends up in Davy Jone’s locker

Bring the beef and I’ll chop up bars mother fucker that’s exactly how I slaughter

Bitch I’ll turn you into a vegan the first time we meet in so don’t even bother

Fuck around and you’ll be a goner in the courtroom like I don’t know your honor

She wants to be swept off her feet but
Bitch can’t you see that I’m no Harry Potter
But I got that magic stick I’m a manic with
This automatic shit so damn adequate
And I don’t give a fuck I will never quit
Till the day that I’m old breaking all my hips with a
Life alert that I wear around my wrist and I can’t hold in my piss
And you know I got the rizz which is followed by my jizz
And your bitch loves it when I squirt it on her tits
I could show what it was but you don’t know what it is
All you mother fucking snakes I can hear it when you hiss
Just know that I’m serious about how I am the cream of the crop
Don’t forget when you creamed on my cock
Time to come clean I’m bringing the mop
And I got a feeling that I just won’t stop till
I drop like your thong did the first night that we met
When you said it was a waste of time and that’s fine
But this time not even a dime will be spent
Can’t remember my regrets
It’s December and I’m a regress

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