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About Us

It's Time To Wake Up, Alice...


Welcome to our dreamworld of fantasy, fun, art, and of course music.

Nuworld Media Group, LLC was formed as an exclusive private record label on September 22, 2021.  Our intent is to assist and/or manage independent producers, upcoming solo artists, musicians, & content creators. We do this by offering a variety of in-house products & services as well as custom built pricing plans in order to match the artist's budget, needs, goals, and vision.

Our company integrates post modern technology and solutions into our products and services that range from marketing and distribution to media production and management. 

Our unique and intimate approach to our production and development process requires complete confidentiality for privacy reasons. Alice Is Awake is a brand or a sub-label of NMG, LLC. In music industry terms an "imprint" of the record label. Alice Is Awake seperates itself from the formality and business nature of the record label whereas NMG, LLC is the driving force behind it. 

About Me


My government name is not important, my artist name is Roman Knight. I'm a self-taught music producer, solo artist, audio engineer, and entrepreneur. I am the Director for Board of Operations for Nuworld Media Group, LLC and the founding father of it. My experience comes from over 23 years of music production and being involved in the music industry, ranging from internship to CEO assistance.

I've graduated from the Los Angeles Recording/Film School in Hollywood, CA with an Associate's Degree in Music Production and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Entertainment. I've worked with different recording studios in the past and now operate a private recording studio in Phoenix, AZ. My passion for music production has and always has been a constant evolving process of self-discipline, motivation, willingness to learn, and life experiences. I love music of all genres and from all around the globe (or if the Earth is flat, then the flat-Earth). I've also worked in a retail instrumental music store in Tucson, AZ where I was top sales specialist. I really enjoyed helping people and students from various schools learn, play, buy, and experience the joy in creating beautiful ass music. I work in various DAWS (digital audio work stations) and my favorite instrument to play on is the piano and/or keyboard. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and will always have a deep rooted love for my hometown, however I do travel a lot between California, Arizona, and Nevada. Geographically these regions are my focus for campaigns, performing, and travel. My love for the west coast can be heard in my music as I like to blend nostalgic sounding west coast instrumentation and G-funk rhythms into a lot of my production. I create layers of orchestral instruments, melodic chord progressions, and off beat drum patterns that form my own custom blend of music and sound. I do add magic to the mix to give it some taste. I also like to experiment with sounds and audio engineering, as well as create music that expands on the science behind it all.  Now I understand that there is some minor concern about what our brand represents and our affiliations. Rest assured that we are NOT affiliated with or involved with secret societies including the Illuminati. Although blood sacrificing orgies hosted in multi-million dollar homes where the elite all join together in participation to manifest dark, sacred, ancient Babylonian sex magic in order to bring in the New World Order does sound fun....Our goals are not necessarily in unison, and instead we just want to create music and art for the world to enjoy. Feel free to contact me or NMG, LLC. with questions or whatever. Thanks for reading and we hope your enjoy the music!

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