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The Harvest

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Verse #1

Image by robin mikalsen

#1, 2 & 3


Verse #2

Image by Gary Fultz

Song Title: “The Harvest”

Album: Single Release
Date of Release: October 31, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Verse #1***


Welcome to the harvest
You already know who brings the hardest

Bars with the cleanest beats to

Help you with your hardships

No cheap talk and no bargains

I’m fly like them Martians

And I keep dropping this dope shit

You hoes better buy some Charmin

Cuz if I wanted you
I would use my charms

Don’t make me jump the guns

I ain’t talking about my arms

Gonna blast you off to the galaxy

Then after land on Mars

You’ll be calling Jon Taffer

The way I’m fucking up these bars


***Hook #1, 2 & 3***


You could find me at the harvest

Come on let’s go
Home is where the heart is
Reaping what I sow

Darkness right before the dawn is

Always what I know
So go back to sleep

Back to sleep


***Verse #2***


Bitch I’m here to take what is mine
And I got no time to hit you with a line

And I don’t give a fuck about your zodiac sign

And I’m done waiting for all the stars to align
I just need you to swallow me all of me

Especially now that it’s Halloween

Speaking of the mother fucking Devil
God damn it look who keeps on calling me

Give a damn if I can’t rap and I can’t sing

Gonna be eighty on the rap scene
Doing some shows while I’m full of the caffeine

Wearing all these hats and still I’m not capping

Bitch I’m good but thank you for asking
Gonna keep making these tracks that slaps you

Back to the time that you thirsty asses

Began to act all God damn sassy
No I’m not over reacting
They’re reaping your souls and laughing
Whether you are the pope or a drag queen

Ya’ll think it’s a joke keep clapping
If you wanna be awoke quit napping

Till they break in your home kidnapping
Your ass right back to their camp to show you

Exactly what they have all been hiding

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