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The Grind


Verse #1

#1, 2 & 3

Verse #2

Song Title: “The Grind”

Album: Single Release
Date of Release: October 20, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Verse #1***


Wake up sunshine
Time to get up get up and get mine

I’m a damn workaholic

Make it bounce like hydraulics

Smoke an ounce of my chronic

And I love a gal that’s exotic
I pour milf on my chocolate yeah

She does what I like
Cuz I got pills in my pocket and you’ll

Never see me make a big deal off my profits

Keep it real and be honest
Pick your poison I’m still toxic


***Hook #1, 2 & 3***


Bitch smell the coffee
There ain’t shit you could ever do to stop me

Yeah you think you’re woke
Grab a cup let’s roll
I’m on the grind
Time to get these hoes off me


***Verse #2***


I’ll hit that pussy like I hit the firmament
I break glass ceilings that’s how I get her wet
I can spell it out for you but

I think it’s better said

Now she’s all stimulated cuz

I’ve entered her head

No time to lay in bed cuz

I gotta make that bread

Got a fucking bucket list

I’m gonna kick it till I’m dead

No rest for the wicked so if

I don’t pick it no offense

Now your looking at me like I’m making no sense

Yet I came with plan B’s on deck cuz your

Bitch said she loves how I gave her neck

And the sex is best when it’s steamy creamy

Just the way that I like it believe me and

Now she loves my drip but hoe don’t trip

I ain’t about catch no type of feelings so

Now you see me now you don’t

If you really think you’re woke

Mother fucker keep dreaming

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