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The Fourth Chapter is NOW AVAILABLE! 4/20/22

The brand spanking ass new fifth album produced by Roman Knight is now available on whatever music platform you enjoy!

This album is packed with that west coast flavor, hard bass sounds, and G-funk rhythms that will all pair nicely with your smoke session today!

We're celebrating this release in a few ways, in the upcoming weeks we will be spotlighting tracks individually and along with that we will have random giveaways and prizes such as digital gift cards to those who take a second to share the album. Our love for the west coast doesn't stop there either...

Subscribe if you haven't done so already to be in the know and get the inside scoop on all the good shit!

Early subscribers get to download the album for FREE

If you're not an early subscriber don't trip, you can still hear the album on any music platform including and Soundcloud.

If you'd like to buy this album or any other ones head on over to

or click here

TODAY 4/20/22 you'll get a 20% off discount on the album!

Enter code : 0420 at checkout

We hope you enjoy!

Feel free to email us if you got some questions or whatever.

-Roman Knight

Founder/Director For Board of Operations

Nuworld Media Group, LLC

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