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NEW! Album Release! The Sixth Chapter

Available Now & On All streaming platforms!

Click here to listen & download lyrics!

Welcome to Wonderland 2.0

"Where Imagination Becomes Reality"

Dive into a world of wonder, crime, love, fantasy & games.

This album takes you on a wild ride through

four "themed" simulations within the Wonderland 2.0 concept.

Featuring a masterful blend of dark hardened trap bass lines, rapid hi-hats, retro synths, beautiful chord progressions, fine crafted effects & sonic enhanced vocals. Whether you are in a simulation or not, this album stimulates excitement and is bound to make waves!

Hearing the album from start to finish will appropriately take you through each simulation. Keep in mind that there are many mysteries and secrets within Wonderland 2.0. This album may hold the "keys" to some of them...Enjoy!

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