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Mad Hatter Records (Promo Video)

Welcome to Mad Hatter Records! Watch our promo video below:

I’d like to proudly introduce the GRAND opening of our newest online beat store!

We offer beat licensing on HOT new tracks produced specifically for this platform!

If you enjoy...Hip hop, Trap, Drill, R & B, Old School, Latin, Reggae, & West Coast genres then come listen to what we have in store!

Oh, and YES we'll be adding more!


One of our most EXCITING features for this store is our NEW mobile app! Which will be available to download from the Apple Store or Google Play in the next few days as we launch...

In the meantime, feel free to explore the store, license beats or

just listen to some of the new tracks! Click the link below:


Follow our socials and keep being the awesome subscriber that you are!

With love,

-Roman Knight

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