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Download our FREE App!

Our brand NEW beat store "Mad Hatter Records" is now available as an app on both Google Play & the App Store!

From there you can choose exclusive beats to license & make your own hits with!

That's not all...

For the first time ever, we are NOW offering music production & audio engineering services!

Directly from the app or site!

Currently those services are:

*Mastering* *Vocal Mixing* *Custom Beat Production*


to celebrate the launch of the app I'm throwing in an additional 20% OFF all services until the end of the weekend!

Check out "Services" in the app to learn more or hit me up!

Oh & also...

A brand new west coast style beat called "Natural High" has just been added to the store, so feel free to check that out as well.

Have a great weekend!

***Download the app from the QR code below or go to***

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