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Love Addiction


Official Music Video

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Song Title: “Love Addiction”

Album: Single Release
Date of Release: February 22, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Verse #1***


Fuck a relapse
I'm gonna rest and relax

She got me feeling so good

I guess I'm taking three naps

So come bring that sweet ass

I love the way that she laughs

Now she's telling me her husband

Doesn't know what he had

Fuck a nine to five job

This is why we freelance

And I can show all you

Mother fuckers where the weed's at

We’re going for a ride

Yeah put that damn seat back
Oh you’re dancing with the Devil

Then we’ll show you just how we dance


***Pre-Hook #1 & 2***


No I can never get enough

Every time I'm here with you
I think I found a whole new drug

I'm addicted to you
And I can never get enough

Every time I'm here with you
I think I found a whole new drug

I'm addicted to your love


***Verse #2***


My passion's investing

In all these rap sessions

Cuz I have manic depression

These thoughts out of my mouth

This is how I'm expressing them

Through the looking glass

Like I got a new specimen

Yeah she's outta pocket gentleman

Cuz she loves to spend
Now she's acting feminine
Cuz she sees the Benjamins

When I hold her closer
I know that I don't need no medicine

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster

That will never end


***Verse #3***


Once again
You know the Knight's back

Ain't no wifing you up

You ain't got it like that

Married to the game

While I'm waiting all in vain

And I feel it in my veins

Man I think I'm on the right track
Cuz I'm back on that gravy train and
I might add

Little bit of Gentleman Jack up in your night cap

Fuck the status quo do some

Blow and jump on my lap

We’re all mad in this bitch

And yes I'm quite mad


***Hook #1 (x13)***


Cuz I'm like a drug

Would you like a taste

Just what you need

Got what you need

Cuz I'm like a drug

Verse #1

#1 & 2

Verse #2

Verse #3

Hook #1 x13

Intricate planning and detailed execution went into this project from the first day it became a concept back in late 2022. From the lyrics and trailers to the visuals and release date, this production is a compelling perplexing story of how sacrifice became the addiction itself in order to initiate change. That change is then reflected on the natural cycle of destruction that patiently waits in the unknown by design.


Duality is explored in this project, as two lifeforms co-existing naturally yet with separate intentions. Entrapment, observation, fear, independence, survival, and dominance are few examples of the symbolism behind the spider and what awaits in the dark. As opposed to the butterfly where it's associated with innocence, purity, beauty, freedom, evolution, and reflection of itself.


A deeper view thru the looking glass and you will find specific religious aspects surrounding the project. Dating back to Ash Wednesday of Feb 22, 2023...which was the day the song itself was released. 212 days later (today) the video is released to showcase what I personally believe is biblical prophecy for "change" on a global scale which "falls" on the dates September 22 and 23 of 2023. Whatever change that may be, I believe it's in close reference to the following verse:


Revelation 12:1-2 


12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.


I wanted to create a unique approach to a classic Alice Is Awake art piece. By tying in these concepts and ultimately expressing my own personal beliefs, raw emotions, and puzzling visions, I feel that I have created something to be proud of while leaving some "Easter" eggs for those who will take the time to uncover what's really hidden.


All is fair in love and spiritual war.

Reflect on the beauty of change and 

Embrace the ending of what's only natural. 

Then you'll see how the veil was lifted all along.


We are consumed with LOVE.


-Roman Knight

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