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Verse #1

#1, 2 & 3

Verse #2

Song Title: “Game Over”

Album: Single Release

Date of Release: April 07, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Verse #1***


I don't need cheat codes
Already in beast mode nope
There's no time for these hoes
I don't wear capes I ain't your hero and
I don't fuck with Trix unless it's cereal
I'm a roll in my dough like I'm making dinner rolls
Now her mouth is playing hacky sack with my genitals
With some of you acting like Ivan the terrible
This edible got me higher than my cholesterol
Some of these hoes be more toxic than Chernobyl
I don't want one bitch nah I want several
But if I pull out it's cuz she is a centerfold
I'm solving your problems but it involves being sexual
Yeah fuck around and find out
Mad cuz your bitch is mine now
Better act like Mario and pipe down
Kidnap your girl and I'll take her to my hideout tied down
Look at me again I'll rip your fucking eyes out
Always up late I'm a night owl
Better run home before your ass gets striked out
Go to sleep mother fucker yeah lights out


***Hook #1, 2 & 3***


I'm going crazy
I don't know what I should do
I keep dipping but you stick to me like glue
Try to listen but all that keep coming
Game Over


***Verse #2***


No rest for the wicked get on the bed let me lick it
Once my tongue's in her pussy that's the real meal ticket
She could be a gold digger and I'll still fucking dig in
The same way that I eat my barbecue chicken
I'm just trying to make an honest living but I got a feeling
That one day I'll change I'll become the hottest fucken villain
On top is where I'm sitting I won't be forgiven
But at least I'm not a hypocrite I won't stop sinning
You're acting like a dick that's why you're trying to fit in
Better take my pills again while I'm driving thru Gila Bend
Now you're lost for words like a muted fucking Gilligan
They wanna bring the beef then watch me homie while I'm grilling em
Putting this beat to rest in peace cuz I'm killing it
I took another shot of gin now I'm finally feeling it
Best you stay away from me it's probably for your benefit
Cuz I could make you wish that we never met
I make this drip better than a weather man
And when it comes to this shit I'm a veteran but
If Karens wanna fuck with me I'll get them all together and
I'll stick them in a caravan and take them up to Maryland
They hate it what they can't have that's why they fuck with married men
Probably for the adrenaline pussy mother fucker stop being feminine
I get pleasure in being high from life that's why I will never land
Fuck a Peter Pan no I won't be your man
Oh you're down to Earth well I think I see a meteor man
Look I'm the captain of my hooks you're a rookie
I'm a rook you're looking corny like the shit I just took
Cuz the moment I give a crap is when I do it by the book
If you read between the lines then you'll see how it looks
Since you're all up on my grill I'm gonna go show you how I cook

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