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  • What is Alice Is Awake?
    Alice Is Awake is the brand, sub-label or in music industry terms "an imprint" of Nuworld Media Group, LLC. This brand is not only the website's name, it also represents the image of the company's artists, music, media, merch & creativity. The idea of Alice Is Awake is to bring dreams into a shattered existence while using imagination as weapons in the war against reality.
  • Are you affiliated with the Illuminati?
  • How do I join or become part of this brand?
    Becoming a part of Alice Is Awake is by invitation ONLY. We appreciate all the support, and are looking into ways for fans and those curious to really benefit from our platform. Becoming VIPs or joining clubs we may have in the future are great ways to get involved with our brand. Signing up for our newsletters & following our social media are also great and fun ways to being a part of the action.
  • Who is Roman Knight?
    An artist, music producer, entrepreneur, graphic/web designer, songwriter, audio engineer, and founder of Nuworld Media Group, LLC. He is best known for his music compilations called "The Chapters" under the Alice Is Awake brand. More info can be found on the "about" section of the website.
  • What is Nuworld Media Group, LLC?
    Nuworld Media Group, LLC is the business entity behind the Alice Is Awake brand. The company was formed in September of 2021 by Roman Knight. The company specializes in a number of various services including but not limited to; Music Production Mixing/Mastering Music Distribution Artist Management Marketing Strategies & Promotion Brand Awareness & Advertising Social Media Management Website/Graphic Design Video Production & Editing Private Recording Studio Business Entertainment Consulting App/Game Development Audio Engineering Coaching & In-House Training Programs Nuworld Media Group, LLC is the business driving force and umbrella company behind all of the Alice Is Awake branding & design. This company also designed & created Wonderland 2.0, and is part of the "Pillars of Stone" business model that runs Wonderland 2.0 For more info on that check out the Wonderland 2.0 FAQ.
  • Where is Nuworld Media Group, LLC located?
    In the "real world" the company has a registered office at 1846 E Innovation Park Dr. Suite #100 Oro Valley, AZ 85755. The company also has a separate mailing address at 1628 E Southern Ave #9. Tempe, AZ 85282. You can also find the virtual HQ of Nuworld Media Group, LLC in Wonderland 2.0.
  • How do I contact Nuworld Media Group, LLC?
    The best way to contact us is via email. ( You can also call or send us a text at (480) 359-1359. Feel free to DM us on our socials which you can find at the bottom of the website. Send us a letter the old fashioned way to our mailing address: 1628 E Southern Ave #9 Tempe AZ 85282.
  • What is Wonderland 2.0?
    Wonderland 2.0 is an alternative reality game created as a digital playground of ideas, products, services, games, branding, & entertainment associated with Nuworld Media Group, LLC & of course Alice Is Awake. This futuristic dystopian cyber city was created for anyone to explore and enjoy what it has to offer. Everything from hidden games & secrets to e-commerce & online shopping can be done in Wonderland 2.0. There are games, activities, shops, art, videos, social clubs, and lots of places to explore and uncover. The more you play the deeper you'll go...
  • Is Wonderland 2.0 free?
    Definitely. Would it be free forever? Maybe..maybe not. What's important is right now it is FREE, however there is an option to become a VIP member and this comes with its own amenities & luxurious upgrades while visiting Wonderland 2.0. More info on that can be found in the VIP FAQ. You don't need to be a VIP member to enjoy & explore Wonderland 2.0. Create a FREE account and have fun!
  • How do I become a VIP?
    To become a VIP in Wonderland 2.0, all you got to do is either click on the VIP sign at the main page or find the links to upgrade. More details & info will be available soon as we are in the process of updating the entire VIP program. Stay tuned!
  • What are points of interest?
    These are simply icons you can click on that you'll find throughout Wonderland 2.0. They are the main points of access so you can explore Wonderland 2.0. Keep in mind that not all areas of the city can be accessed just by these main points. Some are hidden and require more complex and unique ways to gain access to. They all look similar to the icon in the image below and vary in color. You'll find a logo or image inside the icon depicting what's expected once you click on the link. Clicking on the icon will take you to a destination within the website associated withe city.
  • What kind of games can I find here?
    You can find all kinds of different games. There are custom mini-app games, activities that are within the city itself, online games, puzzle games, & even scavenger hunts. Some games are hidden and require other games to be played in order to access them. The best way to play & find games within the city is to explore as much as you can. Oh and one more thing...there is another game that's been in the works for quite some time and is in development right now. A life changing game that will hopefully be soon available for all to play. That's all that can be said for now...
  • What are gangs?
    Since Wonderland 2.0 is an online cyber city, there are many aspects and concepts that come with this creation as in real life cities. Gangs are a part of Wonderland 2.0 and exist alongside the city. There are different types of gangs and different types of crimes committed by them. As you explore the city, you may come across them in various ways. Some gangs are low level threats while others are extremely dangerous. Of course none can hurt you in real life. They are mainly part of the games within Wonderland 2.0. Of course if gangs exist then law enforcement does as well. One of the games in Wonderland 2.0 consists of finding these criminals and bringing them to justice. Doing so could earn you rewards, badges, reputation & even gift cards. The more dangerous the criminals the more difficult the games or activities will be to capture them.
  • What are corporations?
    Corporations are the digital companies that run and govern Wonderland 2.0. They are known as the "Pillars of Stone" and consist of three primary companies. Nuworld Media Group, LLC Nvision, Inc. The Exchange More information and details about each company can be found at their designated location in Wonderland 2.0. These companies are the main umbrella companies for all other businesses and products/services within the city. They manage & govern all of Wonderland 2.0.
  • What is Law Enforcement?
    Wonderland 2.0 has a fictional law enforcement agency called W.A.S.P. Which stands for Wonderland Authority Security & Protection. They are created & managed under Nvision, Inc. & are the sworn protectors & law enforcers throughout the city. You can find their HQ in the city and from there you can access different activities such as checking gang records, filing reports & finding out who is most wanted.
  • What else can you do in Wonderland 2.0?
    Guess you'll just have to find out ;) We will say this however, Wonderland 2.0 is an entertaining, complex, exciting & mysterious experience that combines online games & activities with real life puzzle games. This unique and different concept is what makes Wonderland 2.0 an interesting cyber city to discover. There are secrets, hidden locations, mysteries, easter eggs, locked content, tasks, and so much more! Exploring the city is the best and only way to really be able to uncover it all. There is a deeper perhaps even darker side to Wonderland 2.0, and exploring these areas could possibly not only take you down the rabbit hole, but keep you falling cautious & remember it's only a game...or is it???
  • I still have more questions!
    Awesome! Then email us at (
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