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Welcome to Wonderland 2.0

Imagination is the best weapon to use for the war against reality. Let your imagination walk, explore, create, play , and run wild in an interactive alternative reality game called Wonderland 2.0. 

In this dystopian yet modern cyber city, you'll be able to explore & interact in a variety of unique & fun ways. There are secrets around every corner, criminals to be hunted down, games to play, areas to explore, rewards to earn, products to buy, art, music, videos, corporate conspiracies & so much more! 

Below is a complete guide & walkthrough on what's going on in Wonderland 2.0

Enjoy your stay! & Welcome to Wonderland 2.0

Wonderland 2.0 City Guide

Wonderland 2.0 was designed to be a digital playground of curiosity, exploration, entertainment, & wonder in itself. The more your play the deeper you'll go...Begin your exploration by learning what creates Wonderland 2.0 and what content you'll find within it. Read the icons below to learn about the basics of the game.

Wonderland 2.0_Logos_11-27-22.pdf.png

Points of Interest

Throughout Wonderland 2.0 you will find special icons which are known as "Points of Interest." Clicking on these icons will take you into an area to explore and/or to interact with. They are always the same shape with an illuminated ring displaying a logo or landmark inside the icon itself.

Nuworld Media Group, LLC_Logo.jpg


The corporations that control Wonderland 2.0 are known as the "Pillars of Stone." They consist of three major corporations that are the umbrellas over smaller corporations and businesses that operate within Wonderland 2.0 & under corporate law.

The three main ones are called:

  • Nuworld Media Group, LLC

  • Nvision, Inc.

  • The Exchange


More info on each corporation can be found at their locations.

Glowing Object


Wonderland 2.0 has a number of various types of games ranging from mini-custom app games to full exploration real life integration games. Some are easy to play while others are extremely complex and require those daring enough to go deeper into the darker side of Wonderland 2.0 to uncover them.

W.A.S.P. (Official Logo).png


Wonderland Authority Security & Protection better known as W.A.S.P. are the primary law enforcement agency for Wonderland 2.0. You can find out who's most wanted, file reports & check public records at their Headquarters.

Wonderland 2.0_Logos_11-27-22.pdf copy.png


Gangs exist within Wonderland 2.0. You may come across them as you explore the city. Some are low level threats while others are extremely dangerous and more than often wanted by law enforcement. Becoming a bounty hunter and finding most wanted criminals is a way to earn a reputation and some awesome rewards. Visit W.A.S.P. for more information. 

Image by Simone Secci


One of the reasons many come back to play Wonderland 2.0 are because of the hidden secrets, mysteries & easter eggs that surround the city. Finding hidden paths, making specific choices & navigating into locked areas in Wonderland 2.0 will lead you into deeper unexplored territory that could unveil hidden truths, classified information & even dark conspiracies. Your choices will ultimately affect how you play the game and how the game is playing you...

Tips & How To

"An intense & eye-opening game!"

-Your ex bitch

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