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Welcome to The VIP Room! Here you can become an official VIP Member for Wonderland 2.0. Becoming a VIP member has its benefits! 


VIP members get to access more specific areas within Wonderland 2.0 that are not readily or easily accessible to others.


You'll also get tips, tricks, & exclusive access to blogs, videos, content, & pages that are ONLY restricted to VIP members.


Once you are a VIP member you'll also get additional benefits, rewards, & VIP only perks from future content. This also includes games & activities.


 Become a member today! One-time payment ONLY! Non-recurring   

Become a VIP Member!

  • VIP Membership

    Access to VIP Member only locations within Wonderland 2.0
    • Gain access to all VIP Member areas within Wonderland 2.0
    • Access to hidden VIP Member benefits
    • Exclusive E-Mails & Blogs for VIP Members
    • Discounts & perks for being a VIP member
    • Additional tips & tricks for VIP Members
    • Access to future VIP only content, games & activities
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