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Riding In the stars

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Verse #1

Pre-Hook #1,2

Hook #1,2

Verse #2

Verse #3

Song Title: “Riding In The Stars”

Album: Single Release
Date of Release: December 31, 2023

Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)

***Verse #1***

Yeah I’ve made my fucken my mind up
Done with you bitches and out here trying to find love Focused on my riches man you could watch it pile up Already fly no need to join the mile high club
Time to get high I got my joint and in my cup
You would probably find wine mixed up with some vodka Cut your ass up if you fuck with my chakras
Take you for a trip like you just drank some ayahuasca


***Pre-Hook #1, 2***

I love the way she has her ass up

Gonna get you higher than NASA

Set the countdown ready to blast off

***Hook #1, 2***

So long looks like you could never do no wrong

Going for a ride so hold on
Get a grip time to take you motherfuckers

And you bitches on a trip
***Verse #2***


I’m a eat dat ass like I turned into a reptilian
Got so many tracks man worth more than a million Music is my drug and you know that I’ll be feeling it Don’t wanna have to go and get my prescription filled again Got this bitch on her knees not about to say amen
You can find me out in Tombstone yeah just say when
Got that tunnel vision probably why I always cave in Always cooking shit up you would think I have an apron I see you throwing shade thanks I need some Ray Bans At the same place on two separate occasions
It’s a damn invasion bitch and I don’t come in peace Better get your fucken maidens grab a bible get a priest


***Verse #3***

You claim to be awake but they’ll catch while you sleeping Your girl is your world but my palm is now where she’s in I’m already blessed no need to tell me when I’m sneezing
I don’t wanna walk on water I just wanna put my feet in
I give a fuck I smell the flowers birds I try to feed them
All these mixed signals you got and yet I still receive them Doesn’t have to be Autumn for me to turn and leave Even with my problems and days without any sleep
So I stay staring out the window that’s how I’m counting sheep Driving in their cars or simply just walking down the street
You can miss me with your bullshit I don’t miss a drum beat Bringing music for years no need for me to compete and yes I’m closing up this chapter but this shit is not complete You can watch a mother fucker go from zero to warp speed
Cuz if time is money then this never came cheap
I said if time is money then this never came cheap
Yeah I’m riding in the stars bitch I don’t get star struck
I’m a keep you at a distance like a Tesla when it’s charged up oh fuck Come at you like an armada I got no time for drama Cooking shit so good it’ll make you wanna slap yo mama
This shit is hotta then chicken pot pies on the fly
I’m not gonna compromise my eyes have Recognized the horizon doesn’t take much for me to Know exactly when you hoes are lying living these separate lives So save your poker face and stop hiding
You don’t ever want the smoke bitch here’s a vape pen
Cuz I’ll be dropping bars even when I’m on vacation Stuck up in the house like I just got on probation
So fucking light it up yo it’s my celebration bitch

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