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Eclipse 4 A Kiss


Official Music Video

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Verse #1

Verse #2

Song Title: “Eclipse 4 A Kiss”
Album: Single Release
Date of Release: April 08, 2024
Produced By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)
Written By: Roman Knight (Ken Sanchez)


***Hook #1, 2, 3, 4***

So many missed to find the perfect one
Kiss me and I’m stopped the lights so bright
Don’t let me back to gravity from clouds
Shut me up I don’t wanna hear different sounds
So many missed to find the perfect one
Kiss me and I’m stopped the lights so bright
Don’t let me back to gravity from clouds
Kiss me I don’t wanna hear different sounds


***Verse #1***

Yeah it’s demon time
She loves that semen of mine
Hold up rewind
Sit back on that seat and recline
She wants that princess treatment
Like she’s from Anaheim
And I don’t need a reason
For me to spit this rhyme
Yeah I lived in Hollywood
I know where the stars align
There you could sell your soul
And go get fucked from behind
But if looks could kill
Then baby you should be a crime
That’s exactly how I took
My shots with this eight and nine

***Verse # 2***

They say sky’s the limit
Till you pass the firmament
Once it’s written in the stars
You know this shit is permanent
New year new me
Fuck that I’m still the old me
Still gonna talk to the dead any time
That I’m out here feeling lonely
Shout out to the homies and all my fans
I’m only one man but god damn
Ask any mother fucker who knows me
That I’ll call you out on your bullshit and
I’ll do it with an emoji
You would think my father
Just snapped his fingers
The way that I’m so Loki
But hey I’ll admit
I don’t always know when to quit
On my face you can come sit
I’ll wear you as my new drip
If pussy wasn’t meant to be kissed
Then it wouldn’t have any lips
Yeah she’s my main squeeze
Cuz of how that pussy grips
She’s always been a tease
But I love the way she strips
How she gets down on her knees and
Puts my dick between her tits
Yeah I’ll trade an eclipse
Just for a kiss and
The next sound that you hear
Goes something just like this

Hook #1-4

Today marks an interesting & important celestial event.

One that has numerous biblical correlations & mathematical precision. The patterns, prophecies, & events that follow will be life changing.


Through it all, it's imperative to remember that art is immortal.

I wanted to challenge myself to make a music video in less than 48 hours, paying homage to the day of the eclipse being 4/8.


I truly believe that there is always significance in the language of the universe...numbers.


With that being said,

I hope you enjoy my brand NEW single and video called...


"Eclipse 4 A Kiss"


With Love,
-Roman Knight


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